About us

All Star Home Solutions, LLC is a professional real estate solutions firm that operates in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX market. Our expertise lies in purchasing distressed properties at a substantially reduced price and restoring them before reselling them to retail home buyers and landlords.

Since founding the company in 2019, we have prided ourselves in providing a range of real estate services, including brokerage,  residential redevelopment, short sales/loss mitigation, real estate  investment, and foreclosure solutions. Over the years, we have  successfully completed real estate transactions worth over  1 billion dollars and remain committed to contributing to the economic revitalization of the DFW marketplace.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry, network of resources, and  years of experience have enabled us to help countless individuals  in our community meet their real estate needs. We are also involved in the redevelopment of numerous single-family and multi-family  properties across the state, with a focus on improving the overall  quality of housing and revitalizing neighborhoods.

As members of the Better Business Bureau and respected members  of the greater DFW area, we take pride in our reputation and are  dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients.

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Our Story

All Star Home Solutions began its journey in 2004 when Michael Bowen and his best friend, James Stewart, purchased their first redevelopment property for  $75,000 in Forth Worth, Texas.. Over the years, they have expanded their business,  acquiring properties across the DFW area, and relocating their office to Dallas.

Today, All Star Home Solutions has completed real estate transactions worth  over 1 billion dollars, having purchased over 1000 properties. On any given month, we have a sizable inventory of 25-40 homes in various stages of redevelopment.

Our team is composed of highly motivated, knowledgeable, ethical, and  resourceful professionals. We possess the skills and expertise necessary to handle any real estate transaction and are dedicated to helping individuals  meet their real estate needs and achieve successful outcomes. We pride  ourselves on the integrity of our promises and the quality of our service,  and are committed to ensuring our clients are fully informed to make  the best possible decisions.

Our Mission Statement

All Star Home Solutions aims to create a positive impact on the real estate  industry by bringing together passionate individuals with an unwavering drive  to succeed. Our mission is not only to benefit ourselves and our families but  also to inspire and motivate everyone we encounter, and to effect lasting change in our communities. We are committed to treating our clients and  team members with respect and upholding the principle that “how you do  anything is how you do everything.”

As a company, we prioritize continuous education and professional  growth, recognizing that this is key to becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to cultivate a culture of excellence that inspires innovation, fosters creativity, and promotes a relentless pursuit of  success.