Cut off for decades, this historic Fort Worth neighborhood is getting new attention

As Fort Worth grows, and available land in the urban core becomes more scarce, Greenway is getting new attention from home builders.

Greenway Place was the kind of place where the whole village raised the children. If you got in trouble, your parents knew about it before you got home, and the friends you made playing in the nearby city dump lasted a lifetime.

It was also one of the first neighborhoods in Fort Worth where Black residents could buy homes. Established in the early 1940’s, Greenway became a center of the city’s Black culture with an annual Juneteenth celebration in nearby in Greenway Park.

But since the construction of Interstate 35W in 1959, Greenway has been cut off from the rest of the city, sandwiched between the freeway and the Union Pacific rail yard. The neighborhood also faced decline when several residents lost their homes to tax foreclosure.

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