I’m a Professional Real Estate Investor: These Are the 5 Markets I’m Predicting Will Be Huge in 2024

New Western's President and co-founder Kurt Carlton predicts significant real estate investment opportunities in 2024

GOBankingRates spoke with Kurt Carlton, president and co-founder of New Western, a private source of residential investment properties, to get his predictions for the markets that will be huge for real estate investing in 2024.

Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; Tampa, Florida; and Dallas-Fort Worth

Carlton believes that a number of the recent top markets will continue to be hot leading into 2024.

“Top markets for investors that we have seen emerge over the last few months include Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa and Dallas-Fort Worth,” he said. “In Q3, Realtor.com released the top 10 growing metropolitan areas that people are looking to move to, also highlighting Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa and Charlotte.”

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Source: yahoo!finance


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