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The University Place neighborhood began development in the years after TCU moved from Waco to Fort Worth in the early 1900s.

When Texas Christian University moved from Waco to southwest Fort Worth in 1911, a new suburban addition sprang up nearby to serve the college community.

The addition was four miles from the city, a long commute with no paved roads and no streetcar service. The Fort Worth police did not even patrol there because it was outside city limits. For law enforcement, residents had to depend on the Tarrant County sheriff. But the future was bright.

The area around TCU was ripe for development. The rolling hills were elevated enough to get cooling western breezes, with good soil and a good water supply by tapping into the water table not far below. There was also talk that the Northern Texas Traction Co. would build a streetcar line out to the campus in the near future. What the area did not have were municipal utilities, which also stopped at the city limits.

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Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram


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