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Fort Worth has become a hotspot for modern barbecue .The people are passionate and the city has lots of real estate fitting into what barbecue needs.

Located in the northern reaches of the Lone Star State, the city of Fort Worth was first established in 1849, quickly evolving into one of the nation’s most prominent hubs for cattle ranching—and in the modern era, this sprawling city has diversified far beyond the realm of just beef. A rich tapestry of dishes and cuisines can be found in restaurants all across Fort Worth limits, while the local drinks scene has enjoyed its fair share of success as well.

And of course, in typical Texas fashion, there’s a massive array of incredible barbecue joints to explore during a visit. As you plan your next trip to Texas, be sure to save some room in the itinerary for Fort Worth, a king-sized city whose food and drink scene improves with each passing year.

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Source: Forbes


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