The anti-home flippers transforming East Dallas real estate

The Hickmans don’t identify with the term “house flippers.” The duo prefer to think of their work as preservation.

In 2009, Greg and Chantal Hickman found a small East Dallas home that fit their real estate budget and had good bones. They renovated it on a shoestring budget with “paint, breeze blocks, wood work, and love,” notes Chantal. They became obsessed with the transformation, as did their friends, family, and fans who caught a glimpse of their design work online. They formed Sunscout Studio and have since worked their magic on 10 homes in the East Dallas area, the latest of which just went up for sale in Lake Highlands.

Like many of Sunscout’s past projects, 10306 Church Road served as the Hickman’s personal home for years — in this case, seven. They purchased the home in its original 1962 state, linoleum and all, but like the Hickman’s first Dallas project, the bones were deeply cool.

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Source: Paper City


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